Monday, January 9, 2012

Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls is another super class high sierra run. The three day run is in the North Mokelumne drainage and is about as bad ass as they come in Cali. The run is full on and one of my favorites as far as scenery goes. The amazing granite bubble landscape is awe inspiring with it's contrast to the sky and water. By this time in the summer I was really feelin fired up besides the ridiculous amount of poison oak on my leg from Dinkey- watch out the stuff will eat you alive, had to get a shot as soon as we got off the rio. Fired up- the plan was to do as many of the infamous 7 Rivers of the High Sierra (Royal Gorge, Dinkey, Fantasy Falls, Upper Cherry, GC of the Tuolumne, Middle Fork of the Kings, and Devils Post Pile of the North Fork of the San Joanquin) and I was well on my way with alot more to go. To better explain the craziness of this epic one must understand this to be a string of multi day expeditions on California's hardest class 5 with major logistical challenges in the form of thousands of miles of travel across the state. Not to mention the tole that dropping close to 30,000 vertical feet in your kayak will do. I was weary of my body and what it would take of all of this- but we were gonna give it a good charge. Fantasy went off with out a hitch, we had a great group, water level, and weather. Some highlights from the trip were the camping (so epic- up there with Kings and PP), Will Pruett running Jedi, peering into the Untouchables Gorge- Pure Gnar, laps by all on Fantasy Falls, and myself firing up Show Me Your Tits. We had a great trip and next on the list was party time and laps at the Kaweahs.


Jake Greenbaum FF (p. Barney Young)

Nick Murphy FF (p. Barney Young)

Josh Hill Slides FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Charles King Slides FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Jake Greenbaum Slides FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Will Pruett Sieve Slide FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Cruisn FF (p. Barney Young)

Will Pruett lookin dow the scope FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Yeah Mahn!!! Slides FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Charles King on the mission FF (p. Barney Young)

Charles King in the busy FF (p. Barney Young)

Will Pruett on the sizeable Jeddi Mind Melter FF (p. Barney Young)

Jordy Searle amongst Fantasy Falls (p. Nick Murphy)

Charles King in a special place FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Jake Greenbaum feelin small FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Will Pruett taken her deep FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Jake Greenbaum and Nick Murphy firen FF (p. Nick Murphy)

Nick Murphy on the Island Slide FF (p. Barney Young)

Nick Murphy on Show Me Your Tits- the Big One FF (p. Barney Young)

Chow- much more to come!!!

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Taylor Cavin said...

Fantasy Falls is actually on the North Mokelumne. The Middle Mokelumne is the tiniest of the forks and was first and most recently descended by Cody Howard and myself, June 23&24, 2011. The North Mokelumne is the most sizable fork of the river.

The slide with multiple photos/angles is called "Jed Weingarten's," and the sieve slide is catching on as "big boy pants."