Saturday, July 7, 2012

 Life is amazing and the Charge continues on....

I finished Cali in the best of style and headed north to two 80 footers on the McKenzie river between Eugene and Bend, Oregon that have been on my mind for some time now.  I culminated with many friends over two days to send 4 paddlers off Sehalie falls and an impressive 8 off Koosah falls.  With a bunch of stoke we headed to the Little White Salmon for Spirit laps day after day.  We didn't stay too long before we headed to Idaho for boot camp on the North Fork of the Payette.  We are currently running laps on this super impressive stretch of whitewater and see no reason to leave anytime soon.  After this we are headed north to seek truth in Canada!

Immersed in the flow, here we go!

Myself on the dreamy Sehalie Falls shot by Jordy Searle

Myself leading the pack in one of the most aesthetic places I have ever been- Devils Post Pile
Shot by Darin McQuoid

Jake Greenbaum facing the repercussions of winning the roshambo as he probes Koosah falls!
Shot by Nick Murphy  

O.G. Jason Hale on the Stout River of Cali!
Shot by Nick Murphy

My great buddy Will Pruett poppin the Cherry!
Shot by Nick Murphy

Myself on Koosah Falls for one of sickest lines I have ever had!
Shot by King Charles

Firen my dream rapid- Scott's Drop!!!
Shot by Dave Garringer

------DON'T STOP WON'T STOP------