Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Green Race 2008

My First Green Race was too cool! The weather was amazing, the leaves colorful, and the morale amongst both those competing and spectating was high. My nerves calmed when my brand new boat hit the water and I was ready to go even though I still had over an hour till my race time. Shortly after my start I found my groove and all was good in ninja land! I had clean lines up until Gorilla when I stomped out one of the biggest boofs of my life! The crowd was amazing and definitely supplied me with an indescribable energy. I finished with a 6:15 placing me 26th in the short boat class. After finishing I joined the festivities that carried on into the morning time. All in all the Green Race is the shit! The people, the river, and the amazing energy captured when the two coincide will keep me going back to the Green Race for many years to come.

Video and Photos: