Thursday, July 31, 2008

No More Colorado

So I ended my Colorado season with one more trip to Cheeseman and an amazing day on the Big South of the Cache la Poudre. I ended my trip with 30 days on the water and 27 class V down river adventures. It was an amazing summer that has only encouraged my desire for technical whitewater. I hope to post some South East adventures soon. Here are some Big South photos.

Big South Put In

Monday, July 7, 2008

Colorado Style

Day 18- SSV (Source was a no go)
Day 19- Climbing in Boulder Canyon
Day 20- Bouldering at Flagstaff
Day 21- Climbing in Clear Creek & Park and Huck on Rigor Mortis
Day 22- SSV
Day 23&24- Source of Boulder Creek
Day 25&26- SSV
Day 27- Gillman at 1100 cfs & Gore Canyon of the Colorado at 2600 cfs (High Water Day!)
Day 28-Upper South Boulder (USB)
Day 29- Blackrock sec. of Clear Creek (Broke my paddle in Rigor Mortis)
Day 30- SSV (Laps)
Day 31- Cheeseman Canyon (First ever non-confrontational put in. thank you AW!)
Day 32- Upper South Boulder (USB)
Day 33- Tiffany Flies In (My Lady Friend Is HERE!)
Day 34- Kicked it with some TN boys on their way back from Cali
Day 35- Showed The TN boys down SSV

Narrows of Clear Creek from my climbing perch
Matt & I on a multi pitch The Source
Slot Machine on The Source
Slurry Pipe on Gillman
Put in for Gore Canyon
A little flat water
Enter the Gore Behold the Gore

More Gore with a Pickle in it
Boofin in Cheeseman
Boofin in Cheeseman
Boofin in Cheeseman
Stuck in Cheeseman Sliding in CheesemanCaving in Cheeseman

Dos Chaos was scary and fun at the same time USB = Front Range Mank