Saturday, June 9, 2012

All about the Crew!

The Middle Kings has my heart as the best.  I can lose myself in this River's majesticness and find myself overwhelmed with joy in some of the scariest whitewater of my life! The crew handled it more than well!

Our King's crew at the biggest rapid on the river, The Big Bad Beaver; Mike Peacher, Myself, Nick Urqhart, and Hunt Jennings AKA- Silent Fire!  Hunt is only 18 years old and really stepped it up on our high water adventure! Stoked on the battle boyz!

Royal Gorge was all about me givin it and the OG's doin what they do best-  Sickest day I have ever had in a  kayak- Thanks for the stoke boyz- Myself, Jason Hale, Ben Coleman, and Dave Garringer

Upper Cherry- Hike and Paddle all in a day!
Great day with a great crew- Chilln @ Flintstone with time to spare!
Thomas Moore, Ben Coleman, Myself, and Will Pruett

The Devils Post Pile is one of the hardest and most committing runs in the country.   Due to park and reservoir closures our group was forced to hike 7 extra miles and paddle the entire lake without assistance from a motor boat.                  "It's all about the camping!!!"
Thomas Moore, Myself, Mide Thomelson, and Darin McQuoid

High on the water and content with the lifestyle the Cali water has run out and the next move is north to B.C. where there are rumors of Truth!