Monday, November 11, 2013


With a California season wrapped up I headed up to Washington for sessions on the Little White and anything else I could get on with minimal portaging due to my bum ankle.  Soon after arriving I jumped in the car with Nichole Mansfield and Erik Johnson and headed up to Levenworth to meet some friends and paddle the quality water the area hosts. We visited the Tumwater, Ice Cycle, and the Tye. I ended up staying in Washington for two weeks and bagged roughly 20 laps on the Little White - Stoked to Session! I would return to Washington later in the summer and bagged laps on The Cispus, Lower Lewis, and The Green Truss!

Multiple scenes from Levenworth
After Washington I headed to Idaho for a 3 week stint and eventually another week for a total of 4 weeks on the North Fork Payette this summer! I have grown to love this river ad belive it to be one of the best training grounds around.  There is endless potential on this river as you go from avoiding all the features to charging right into them! I was able to grab 40+ sessions on the river with up to 3 session a day sometimes! I was blessed with good weather and amazing camping and friends to hang out with. Highlight from the trip were simple lifestyle, solo laps - concentrating and feeling confident as I paddled into Jakes each time, and 2 amazing moonlight shared with sick paddlers - Seth Stoner, Galen Volckhausen, Tyler Allen, Ben Luck, and James Byrd! 

Galen Volckhausen slaying on the North Fork Payette
Stoked to be able to get a ton of kayaking in while having a sprained ankle! Little White and Payette are possibly the two best  class 5 sessioning rivers out there! Shall we do another lap!