Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gnarlfest 2012 in the Greenboats!!!!

Gnarlfest is a extreme kayak race down the South Feather river in California.  This year was extra special as we celebrated the first ever Greenboat descents of the run as well as the first Greenboats in the race. Will Pruett and myself probed the run and certified to others that it was even possible to get the long race boats down the run.  We had 6 racers in Greenboats and the race has officially been transformed into another long boat extreme race.  Next years race will include a ramp start into an additional rapid at the beginning of the course making sure to bump up the Gnarl factor on this awesome race!

The crux drop of the race going far better than expected!

Gnarl fest 2012 results

1. Justin Patt 2:59 green boat
2. Will Pruet 3:06 green boat
3. Nick Murphy 3:12 green boat
4. Ben Stookesberry 3:14 villain
5: Chris Korbulic 3:15 green boat
6. Darin Mcquoid 3:56 villain s
7. Thomas Moore 3:58 green boat
8. Dirk Bradford 4:10 
9. Jason Hale 5:10

Will Pruett laying the Charge!
We had to earn all of it this year as road closure made us hike all over the Gnarl Gorge!
Last place, Jason Hale, chugging his reward! 
B- Roll Justin Patt for the win with the first sub 3 minute time in Gnarlfest history!

---Jah Bless - Gnarlfest---