Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Truth From The Charge

Truth From The Charge is my first edit and a compilation of myself charging plentiful whitewater in Cali, Pacific Northwest, Chile and South East!

Enjoy the video and I hope it gets you stoked!

Bump up the setting quality to HD!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

California + Kayak + Charge = Truth

I first visited California for kayaking in 2009 with my first river being the majestic Middle King's.  The Kings was my first overnighter and the beginning to a romance sweeter than I would have ever imagined.  Now after 4 Cali seasons I have completed most of my goals (always new goals to be had) and visited so many amazing drainages. Cali has everything I want in kayaking and has truly become my home! Jah Bless the granite, the sun, the crystal blue waters, and all you nasty huckers givin it each summer!

Young and Naive and Stoked
Slides for days- doctored this one form B Young's stash!
Get you some on the Royal Gorge!
You'll be stylin like this trick in no time!
B Young again- Pruett on the sick Jedi Mind Melter!
All you can handle - Kaweah Baby!
Cali Strong! Come and get it!
Pretty aint it!
Skippin Clean Granite!
So Good!
Taylor Martin likes Cali...
Wide Open!
1st D's still to be had- Willy P surrendering to the Charge - shot by D McQuoid
As big as you want to go!
So Good! Captured by B Young


Start saving- Cali season is fast approaching!