Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time to catch up!

After much neglect I plan to catch it up! I have been having the most amazing year of paddling and feel like I have smashed previous barriers. I am currently still in Cali after an epic season that I will be sharing lots of via this blog. These pictures are a glimpse at some of the beautiful drops we were blessed with this spring in the southeast. Constant rain in Chattanooga allowed me to complete 15 runs on my favorite creek, BEAR, as well as multiple first descents and classics alike. I was able to paddle right up to the week I left for Cali, giving way to a truly blessed summer!

1st D- Singing Sister Falls- Photo by Matt FJ

1st D by Jeff West with me on his heels! Warren Falls- Photo by Bett Adams

Singing Sister 2nd angle- Photo by Bett Adams

1st D- Rasta Slide- Photo by Clay Whitaker

Greeter Falls- so good I ran it twice!

Much more to come!

----Peace my friends----