Saturday, September 1, 2012

Columbia River Gorge

Jah Gorge - So Beautiful with world class whitewater pouring in off drainages on both sides of the Columbia!

 The Pacific Northwest's Columbia River Gorge has caught my eye as one of the most impressive, aesthetic, and spiritual river valley's I have ever been blessed to visit.  The whitewater is off the hook and I am looking forward to moving there this winter and spring as high water amongst the area serves for massive potential.  The Gorge will offer me striking distance to Northern Washington, the Olympic Peninsula, Northern Oregon, Idaho(high water), and of course a short drive south to Cali!  I have really fallen in love with this area of the country and I am looking forward to all that it has to offer me!

I have tasted the waters and it's good!!! Check out what I have already found in the Pacific Northwest!

Silver Falls of the Ohanapecosh

Island right side- Jah Cispus

Behemoth- Jah Cispus
Dirtbagged this river proper!

Jah Cispus

Stylin on my second run of Lower Lewis

Spirit of the LW- A beautiful space aptly named!

Bombs Away!

So Rowdy- Skatepark on Summit Creek
 Felt so so good to bag the infamous McKenzie sisters!!!

Sehalie Baby!!!   Sick.

McKenzie Sister #2 - Koosah

Jah Boof!

Peace Zone on the Fly!

Gettin Tight on Summit Creek

Upper Lewis Falls at proper flow!!

----Spiritual Healing----
BZ falls on the White Salmon
Jah Bless and see you in the Pacific Northwest!!!!!!!!