Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter 08/09

So December rolled in with more rain than I have ever seen in the south east. Runs were abundant, with about 15 laps on Suck Creek, multiple runs on South Suck, 2 runs on Bear at 18 in and a 22 in run with hefty tribs that turned it into more of a 26-28(crazy out of control boulder garden). A run down LRC at 7 in, including my first huck of the falls. And countless sessions at Rock Island,(which ran over 4 grand for a month *WOW**Brave Wave Sessions*) where I've been dialing in my air screws at high water and my phonix monkeys at lower flows. I moved to Chattanooga at the beginning of the year, awesome town, and love the white water and climbing scene. I finally found a job today and now I can start saving money for Cali adventures.

Here is a video my buddy Will made of some of the local runs including my first run down bear at 18 in.

Chattanooga Chargers from Will Pruett on Vimeo.

Prey and dance for rain,
Nick Murphy