Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodbye New Zealand Hello Everything

New Zealand was a great time packed with good whitewater surrounded by scary rocks.  It was great to explore a new place via my kayak and the people were very hospitable.  It was a great way to pass the cold months of winter! It is now the first day of spring and I have been creeking in the South East for the last couple weeks. I have been able to get runs on new things as well as familiar classics. The stoke is high and I am rearing to leave in the next couple weeks for spring/summer boating in the west! 
I feel stronger and wiser than ever before and have many goals for the oncoming months that will push myself to new limits in my kayaking! As Spring ushers in heavy flow in the creeks and over the waterfalls I am very excited to share in the hucking that will surely go down in all the major Mecca's of kayaking across the country.  I hope this will be a safe and glorious season for all!

Myself NZed waterfalling - Good Flow
New Zealand had me flying in helicopters to  go kayaking- Pretty Sweet
Cooper Lambla spreading his wings
I hiked for 3 1/2 hours to get to this waterfall and then didn't run it. Never ended up going back. Now , I can't stop thinking about it!
Sailing a boof in the bottom of Toarah Canyon- Pic by Linden Brown
Typical big hole sieve boofing!
Tight lines and deep canyons - pic by Jared Mitchell
Back In The States 

Charles King stylin on the Horsepasture
Stephen McGrady leads us down the Horsepasture
Phillip Branch on the Horsepasture
I'm there in a yellow boat- Big Boy on the Raven Fork- Love this river!
Myself in Mortal Kombat on the Raven Fork
Always love paddling the Bear on Lookout Mountain!
Salutations via The King
See you out WEST!