Friday, December 14, 2012

Truth From The Charge "Part II The Homies"

Enjoy this video of my friends going big!
Mostly footage from 2011 in California and Chile!

Stoked to be headed to New Zealand to kick off the first 2 months of 2013 with my good buddies Will Pruett and Mike Peacher for undoubted Charging with Barny Young and Jordy Searle!

Keep up as we hope to grab lots of aesthetic media on this tour!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A True Blessing

Back home in the South East I have been recharging for upcoming touring! Knocking off maintenance on the van and organizing media have been on the todo list for awhile and it feels good to get to both done.  Enjoy this video from last spring on one of my favorite rivers to paddle - The Raven Fork!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Truth From The Charge

Truth From The Charge is my first edit and a compilation of myself charging plentiful whitewater in Cali, Pacific Northwest, Chile and South East!

Enjoy the video and I hope it gets you stoked!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

California + Kayak + Charge = Truth

I first visited California for kayaking in 2009 with my first river being the majestic Middle King's.  The Kings was my first overnighter and the beginning to a romance sweeter than I would have ever imagined.  Now after 4 Cali seasons I have completed most of my goals (always new goals to be had) and visited so many amazing drainages. Cali has everything I want in kayaking and has truly become my home! Jah Bless the granite, the sun, the crystal blue waters, and all you nasty huckers givin it each summer!

Young and Naive and Stoked
Slides for days- doctored this one form B Young's stash!
Get you some on the Royal Gorge!
You'll be stylin like this trick in no time!
B Young again- Pruett on the sick Jedi Mind Melter!
All you can handle - Kaweah Baby!
Cali Strong! Come and get it!
Pretty aint it!
Skippin Clean Granite!
So Good!
Taylor Martin likes Cali...
Wide Open!
1st D's still to be had- Willy P surrendering to the Charge - shot by D McQuoid
As big as you want to go!
So Good! Captured by B Young


Start saving- Cali season is fast approaching!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gnarlfest 2012 in the Greenboats!!!!

Gnarlfest is a extreme kayak race down the South Feather river in California.  This year was extra special as we celebrated the first ever Greenboat descents of the run as well as the first Greenboats in the race. Will Pruett and myself probed the run and certified to others that it was even possible to get the long race boats down the run.  We had 6 racers in Greenboats and the race has officially been transformed into another long boat extreme race.  Next years race will include a ramp start into an additional rapid at the beginning of the course making sure to bump up the Gnarl factor on this awesome race!

The crux drop of the race going far better than expected!

Gnarl fest 2012 results

1. Justin Patt 2:59 green boat
2. Will Pruet 3:06 green boat
3. Nick Murphy 3:12 green boat
4. Ben Stookesberry 3:14 villain
5: Chris Korbulic 3:15 green boat
6. Darin Mcquoid 3:56 villain s
7. Thomas Moore 3:58 green boat
8. Dirk Bradford 4:10 
9. Jason Hale 5:10

Will Pruett laying the Charge!
We had to earn all of it this year as road closure made us hike all over the Gnarl Gorge!
Last place, Jason Hale, chugging his reward! 
B- Roll Justin Patt for the win with the first sub 3 minute time in Gnarlfest history!

---Jah Bless - Gnarlfest---

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Columbia River Gorge

Jah Gorge - So Beautiful with world class whitewater pouring in off drainages on both sides of the Columbia!

 The Pacific Northwest's Columbia River Gorge has caught my eye as one of the most impressive, aesthetic, and spiritual river valley's I have ever been blessed to visit.  The whitewater is off the hook and I am looking forward to moving there this winter and spring as high water amongst the area serves for massive potential.  The Gorge will offer me striking distance to Northern Washington, the Olympic Peninsula, Northern Oregon, Idaho(high water), and of course a short drive south to Cali!  I have really fallen in love with this area of the country and I am looking forward to all that it has to offer me!

I have tasted the waters and it's good!!! Check out what I have already found in the Pacific Northwest!

Silver Falls of the Ohanapecosh

Island right side- Jah Cispus

Behemoth- Jah Cispus
Dirtbagged this river proper!

Jah Cispus

Stylin on my second run of Lower Lewis

Spirit of the LW- A beautiful space aptly named!

Bombs Away!

So Rowdy- Skatepark on Summit Creek
 Felt so so good to bag the infamous McKenzie sisters!!!

Sehalie Baby!!!   Sick.

McKenzie Sister #2 - Koosah

Jah Boof!

Peace Zone on the Fly!

Gettin Tight on Summit Creek

Upper Lewis Falls at proper flow!!

----Spiritual Healing----
BZ falls on the White Salmon
Jah Bless and see you in the Pacific Northwest!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jah Box!!! Wyoming Part 2

The Box section of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone is the third deepest canyon in the lower 48 and is infamously known for being the best paddling in Wyoming.  The canyons were deep and the granite   was smooth and good times and lines were shared by all!  Jordy and I ended up doing two laps of this multi-day gem and sent the second lap in a one day push, completing the run in only 6 hours!  We had a blast with all the cool people and enjoyed the dirtbagging thoroughly!!

Lifestyle in Wyoming!

Deep in Canyon

Young Eric Parker trying to explain the mystery of women to Jordy!!!

Balls to the Wall! Young Teauge Mannley!

Myself routing Balls to the Wall!

Nice scenery from the deeps!

Riso and Teague- These kidz are gonna be Charger's!!!

Right before I speared a Tetonka!!! Deliberation!!!

Jordy Searle in the Calender Gorge!!!

Chilln like a Villian!!! Straight Waubish!!!

Send Train!!!

Charge Sauce!!!