Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jah Box!!! Wyoming Part 2

The Box section of the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone is the third deepest canyon in the lower 48 and is infamously known for being the best paddling in Wyoming.  The canyons were deep and the granite   was smooth and good times and lines were shared by all!  Jordy and I ended up doing two laps of this multi-day gem and sent the second lap in a one day push, completing the run in only 6 hours!  We had a blast with all the cool people and enjoyed the dirtbagging thoroughly!!

Lifestyle in Wyoming!

Deep in Canyon

Young Eric Parker trying to explain the mystery of women to Jordy!!!

Balls to the Wall! Young Teauge Mannley!

Myself routing Balls to the Wall!

Nice scenery from the deeps!

Riso and Teague- These kidz are gonna be Charger's!!!

Right before I speared a Tetonka!!! Deliberation!!!

Jordy Searle in the Calender Gorge!!!

Chilln like a Villian!!! Straight Waubish!!!

Send Train!!!

Charge Sauce!!!

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