Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Payette and Mesa

I had always wanted to visit the Payette but just never made it due to my focus on Cali.  With the Cali season ending early I was stoked to go dirtbag the Payette and reap the rewards of roadside access.  What I found blew my mind. The Payette is probably the most bang for your buck river I have ever been blessed to paddle. Straight Gangsta!!!!!  With a quick humbling it took a lil longer to memorize the big water lines than I had expected.  Once the lines were down, It was GO TIME, with inspiration from Nasty Nate Klema I began to boof everything and the kickflips seemed endless. We originally planned to stay for 5 days which became a rad 19 at this amazing river!  I tagged 20 plus laps top to bottom and even bagged a vertical mile in a day with my buddy Seth Swallen.  Jordy Searle and myself thoroughly enjoyed the company of all the Bank's and Boise locals and guarantee we will be back next spring for the infamous high flows!!   This  river got me ready for the shit- Boot Camp!

Cooper Lambla and Myself boycotting  the no left turn! 
Me and this kid are charging life so hard right now- Truth!!

Life is grand in the front of the pack!

Pulln on it!

Surfs up bro!

With more to go!

I got to the point where I figured not paddling might be the way to go!

In short, we headed to Lower Mesa Falls to huck the infamously gnarly right side and ducked our heads in fear.  Here are a couple shots of the much less stressful left side.
Gnar in the background!

Doin what I do!

Pop it like its hot!

Epic Expeditions in Wyoming next!  Keep tuned and as always - STOKED!

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