Sunday, November 15, 2009

I can't escape the charge- So charge it!

My life motto lately has been "Just Be" and I feel content for the first time in a while. The Chattanooga lifestyle offers me the opportunity to live life day to day with beautiful surprises around every corner. A couple days at the Green before and during the race proved to be good for my spirit. Sunny days, cold nights, healthy flow, collective energy, the Wrec Center on the switch backs bumpn Pretty Lights late night, quick-clean lines, and a fat crew of Chatty Chargers gave way to a chill couple of days kickn it North Carolina style. I finished the race with a 5:31, smashing my last years time by 44 seconds. Catching the cascades on the way back to Chatt proved to be a nice cap for the weekend and a pushy level was enjoyed with no scouts, eddies, or signs of slowing down. And then came Ida and the Bear took the bait giving way to multiple runs in the high teens. The Bear is officially my fave with easy access and stout drops only 25 minutes from home. A spectacular day in the gorge was filled with sunshine, falling leaves, sweet lines by all, and stout JIB Charge. The forthcoming media of the goods to be had in Cloudland Canyon will surely keep the charger's eye's occupied until the Bear rises once more.
Paul Hubbard- Stairway
Jason Rodwell- Fishbowl

Cosmic Trigger

Will Pruett-Big Bang

Taylor Martin-Revelations

Jason Rodwell-Momentary

Will-Getn Vid

Raven and Tripple Falls:

Me-Mike Tyson

Me-Mortal Kombat

Me-Mortal Kombat

Me-1st Drop Triple Falls

Me-2nd Drop Triple Falls