Monday, April 14, 2008

Cane Creek

My First Post

So here it goes.
I guess my main goal with this page is to post my kayaking and climbing adventures as well as anything else i think is cool. So im going to start by catching you up a little bit. It has been a pretty awesome year so far with the most rain i have experienced in my kayaking career. Of course there has been countless throw down sessions at Rock Island(A Play Boating Paradise). I feel more confident than ever before in my creek boat and know that im ready to run the s**t. I have had some awesome runs on Cane Creek, Upper Caney Fork, Suck Creek (laps, so much fun), West Prong of Little Pigeon, Brave Wave at some spectacular levels and it is all just a warm up for epic Colorado(i can't wait). As of this week I have busted my Crazy 88 and am now looking for an new play boat(RIP 88). I hope to post some photos and a link to a cool video my buddy John made of our trip down Cane.

Adios and hope to post frequently