Thursday, April 18, 2013

Toxaway Blessings

The Toxaway River in the Jocassee watershed in North Carolina is by far the biggest, gnarliest, fastest, and most aesthetic piece of whitewater on the East Coast.  The rapids and slides seem to last forever and the whiteout effect is in full swing.  I was able to paddle this river back in 2009 and haven't been able to catch it again until this past week.  This past trip was blessed with a healthier flow than my 2009 descent and I would dare to say the flow was on the high side of perfect. There was much more energy and inertia in the water and the rapids had there demons. We had an amazing day out there and I know the next time I return to the Toxaway it will be a Blessing!

Myself on the put in slide- this thing goes forever!
The blessed waters.
Robby Gilson on the put in slide
Ben Bernhard starting the day off
John Shannon with the elbows up at the bottom of the slide
You come out of the slide with so much speed that your bow lifts to the sky!
Myself roosting into the first crux of Energizer

Coming out of the first crux
Myself being skipped into the air while haulin A$$
Chris Stafford taking a stab at the beast
Energizer offers you the chance to feel small and not want to flip over
John Shannon on the first crux of Energizer
Amongst Energizer with the O-Face
Haulin A$$
Ben Bernhard firing up the Feeding Trough
Myself about to launch into Land Bridge- just the beginning here
Myself dishing out in the transition after the seal launch
Busting the first crux with style
Burl Sauce for the rest of the ride- Land Bridge is too sick!
Chris Stafford spreads his wings in anticipation of flight on Land Bridge
Out of the gates- Chris Stafford
Chris feelin small in the moment- Land Bridge
John Shannon lookin cool on a log after his reverse run of Land Bridge
Told you he did it reverse. He spun out on the first crux but styled it out switch
The last drop of the day is so good and huge. Wintergreen is about 80 feet tall and straight off the dragons back. I was blessed enough to half miss an eddy and half want to fire the beast blind. So, that is just what happened. I love the feeling of connecting rapid sections, or not slowing down, just rolling in hot over a big horizon line, staying in the flow, this be the Truth!

Chris Stafford going unusually huge on the top of Wintergreen
Chris Stafford skying out the beast that is Wintergreen

Monday, April 1, 2013

Simple Stoke

Super Stoked to be heading west this week for a long road trip of whitewater. Put together this video in excitement for the hucks to be had!

Cheers my friends!