Friday, December 3, 2010

December Rains

Taylor Martin hiking down a freshly cleaned Falling Water

Taylor Martin on Revelations
Jeremy Pou on Fishbowl
Stairway- You Know I Ran It

Jeremy Pou- Stompn Big Bang



Myself on South Suck with Flow!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Green Race

So the race was just as much fun as ever! Didn't do near as well as I had wished but I'm young and I got many more in me. Here are some photos I found and even a sweet video with guess who rolln in second, wearing green, and sportn #75. Its raining right now and Bett Adams and myself took a chainsaw into the Bear a couple days ago- Hopefully the all mighty rain God's will be kind to us JIB chargers and let the beast arise from its den. Pray for our beloved creeks to be quenched and peace to all the ninja's.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Race Season!

Tis the season. I love bomb'n the Green and it seems that once you have raced it, that indeed is all you ever want to do. So after many bomb sessions over the past couple weekends I'm stoked up for some race action. I hurt my shoulder rolling into the left wall on Go Left and man it hurts, but I'm gonna give her anyhow. I will be racing one super sexy Green Boat loaned to me by Terry Smith ( Uber Big Thanks) - This is my first year in the long boat class and I'm fired up and hope to do well!

Taft- Gorilla- Lean'n on da bak dek!

Myself- Gorilla- I'm gonna be sceamn through there in the long B!

Taft- Sunshine Left- Seq. 1/4

seq. 2/4

seq. 3/4

seq. 4/4

David- Sunshine Left-seq. 1/4

seq. 2/4

seq. 3/4

seq. 4/4

West Prong

We finally got some natural flow and it felt great! I predict the all mighty rain God's will give us more soon (I hope). The West Prong is just continuous fun that seems to reward those who just stay in the flow and keep their boof stroke on rapid fire. The park was all lit up with fall colors and we were pretty lit up too. Gooood Day!

Yay the van made it!

Taft at the Put-In
Taft- Boof 53 or 54

Bett- On Dah Boof Mahn

Myself- Dinosaur sequence 1/4

Seq. 2/4

Seq. 3/4

Seq. 4/4

Andy- Boof 106- Pretty Typical

Kurt- TN Mank @ 550 per mile

Kurt- Droppn Through Dead Tree

Cali- only 6 months til Cali!

So here are some miscellaneous photos from this previous season in California. Can't help but dream about next season and all the goods that await those eager enough to enter the promise land- Yeah Buddy!

Baldrock Canyon- M.F. Feather

Myself- Silverfork
Myself- South Branch

Myself- South Merced

Myself- Silverfork

Myself- Silverfork

Myself- Southbranch

Myself- Big Kimshew

Myself- Big Kimshew

Myself- Big Kimshew