Thursday, November 4, 2010

West Prong

We finally got some natural flow and it felt great! I predict the all mighty rain God's will give us more soon (I hope). The West Prong is just continuous fun that seems to reward those who just stay in the flow and keep their boof stroke on rapid fire. The park was all lit up with fall colors and we were pretty lit up too. Gooood Day!

Yay the van made it!

Taft at the Put-In
Taft- Boof 53 or 54

Bett- On Dah Boof Mahn

Myself- Dinosaur sequence 1/4

Seq. 2/4

Seq. 3/4

Seq. 4/4

Andy- Boof 106- Pretty Typical

Kurt- TN Mank @ 550 per mile

Kurt- Droppn Through Dead Tree

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