Sunday, January 1, 2012

California- Early Season Day Runs!

California is a very special place to me, as it has allowed my kayaking to break barriers I never dreamed of and has blessed me with the most beautiful memories of sunsets, water covered horizon lines, and a relationship with the river and all of the amazing people that have heard its inherent call. California whitewater and the lifestyle that accompanies are my current tools for self exploration and the next horizon line infinitely presents the chance for me to free my mind. The past season was my third year in a roll in California and with comfort levels high and solid crews by my side, the charge was abundant. My three favorite early season runs are Yuba Gap, South Branch of the Middle Feather, and Big Kimshew through the Secret Stash ( 14miles so good!). Bagging a handful of laps on each I found myself feelin sharp and stoked for a strong summer. A huge part of my early season in California was spent on the South Yuba river- Purdon to Bridgeport- 13 high water runs! The South Yuba has captured my attention and heart as it is one of the best stretches of whitewater I've ever had the privilege to travel when run at proper flow. The water is amazingly clear and aquamarine, the whitewater is next to perfect, 10 miles with no portages, lush green rolling hills of the low sierra with bridge to bridge access, and more than the random sighting of naked bronzing beauties along it's smooth boulder covered banks; I love the Yuba and it provided my friends and I with the quintessential skills and warm up for the amazing summer that lay ahead of us!!!

Jason Hale on Yuba Gap (p. Nick)

Taylor Calvin on South Branch (p.Nick)

Thomas Moore on South Branch (p. Nick)

Will Pruett on South Branch (p. Nick)

Taylor Martin on South Branch (p. Nick)

Nick atop portage on South Branch

South Branch

Nick on High Pressure 20 S.B. (p. Bett Adams)

Nick on 99 Problems S.B. (p. Bett Adams)

Taylor Martin on 50 footer S.B. (p. Nick)

Johnathon Lindsey on 50 footer S.B. (p. Nick)

Nick on 50 footer S.B. (p. Bett Adams)

Jake Greenbaum on LJ's Kimshew (p. Nick)

Bett Adams on Kimshew Falls (p. Nick)

Nick on Kemshew Falls (p. Bett Adams)

Euro on Kimshew (p. Nick)

Euro on Kimshew (p. Nick)

Tripple Drop- Kimshew (p. Nick)

Scoutin Tripple Drop (p. Bett Adams)

Nick on Tripple Drop- Kimshew (p. Bett Adams)

Nick on Tripple Drop- Kimshew (p. Bett Adams)

Nick on Frenchies 40- Kimshew (p. Bett Adams)

Eric Chance on Frenchies 40 - Kimshew (p. Nick)

Much Love!!!

Light it up and let it burn!!!

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