Monday, January 9, 2012

Dinkey Creek

Dinkey Creek is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. The Creek is absolutely made for kayakers. It supports an uncountable number of ridiculously clean boofs, slides, falls, and combinations of all three. The scenery is amazing, including the female raft guides in Kings canyon- get in good with them during Dinkey and you might find yourself a King's shuttle for later in the season. Dinkey Creek in my opinion might just be the best all around trip for the bulk of class 5 paddlers, with its steep but clean character it is as quality as you can get before you push over into more sketchy realms. We had a great crew consisting of Kurt Lamberth, Jake Greenbaum, Billy Jones, Drew Duvall, and myself. Making our way down the river in a relaxed but quick fashion we took a day and a half to complete this must do run. As my friend Jakub Nemec said, "Dinkey... More like dankey", so go check it out and enjoy the boofs.

We stopped at the classic South Silver on the way to Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

Jake Greenbaum on Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

Drew Duvall @ Put In (p. Nick Murphy)

Jake Greenbaum- Spike- Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

Billy Jones on Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

Kurt Lamberth on Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

Kurt Lamberth on Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

Nikki Kelly's Slide (p. Nick Murphy)

Jake Greenbaum on Nikki's- Dinkey (p. Nick Murphy)

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