Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yuba Gap

The Yuba Gap was high on the list for Will and I. We messed up along with about 30 other paddlers on the first day it ran by assuming the water was too low based on the way the put in looked. We headed back a few days later with a shuttle driver and put on by ourselves with slightly lower water to find yet another amazing stretch of river in the South Yuba drainage. Halfway through the run Lil Dave and Ben Coleman cought up with us and were able to speed the pace of things with their prior knowledge of the gorge. Sweet run definitely keep your eye out for this one- I think you want 250 to 400 in there. We showed up at 700 one day to find a solid team hiking out after the first mile. The take out is the same take out as Canyon Creek so you cane even multi task.
Will Pruett- opening drop



Will- lots of goods to be had

Will- Hour Glass Slide-long sequence

Align Center





Lil Dave- this rapid is in Darin's new calender-I need to step up my photograhy

Ben Coleman- one of my best shots this summer

Will and Ben- check out the high water mark

Lil Dave

Ben Coleman

Lil Dave

Maybe next year- its only seen one descent

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