Friday, July 2, 2010

South Branch of the Middle Fork of the Feather- Trip 1

The South Branch is one of the most beautiful runs I have ever had the privilege to paddle. We dubbed it the "Edge of the World" because this place is the definition of clean steeps. From the take out perched above a 100 footer leading into a 200 footer one can look up and down the gorge and see a good 2000 feet of vertical drop- wow! We camped at this run for a couple of days and repeatedly tapped into its goodness before moving on due to its gnarly 1000 foot hike out, which felt straight up and made that cold beer at the car taste oh so good. So enjoy the photos and expect many more from the 2 month cali trip as I will be updating frequently now that I have returned to the South East.

Jakeb Nemec- on one of the first of the goods
Darin Mcqoid- Freewheel Sequence
Sequence 2
Sequence 3
Double 15's
Typical 1st half of the run b4 the steeps
Jakeb Nemec- Taken in the steeps
Darin Mcquoid- 20 footer above 99 Problems
Laura Farrel- above 99 Problems and the China Slide
Will Pruett- 99 Problems Sequence
Sequence 2
Sequence 3
Sequence 4
Jakeb Nemec- 50 footer
Darin Mcqoid- 50 footer
Edge of the World safety meeting b4 hiking straight up and out!

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