Wednesday, July 7, 2010

South Merced- 1Day Run

The South Merced was one of the best river trips I have ever been on. We had healthy flow and completed the typical 24 mile 2 day run in 7 hours. Hardly pulling over or slowing down I took pretty minimal photos. Before the trip I had heard the river was one of the easier class 5 over nighters in Cali... bullhockey. Go in there with some flow and prepare to be rewarded by up-teen miles of continuous house size boulders scattered through a Gauley sized river bed with huge horizon lines around every bend. An awesome river running experience!

You set shuttle right through Yosemite!
Nick Urkhart- Bottom Half of One In A Million
Will Pruett- Immersed in the same
Johnny Kentucky- Fire Hydrant

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