Sunday, February 19, 2012

Upper Cherry

On the Upper Cherry trip I learned many lessons and lost a friend. Allen Satcher passed away on day 3 of our trip. He will forever be missed and I find him in my thoughts constantly. Allen provided me with a lesson that safety is always forefront and that the river does both give and take. Allen was a beautiful person and in the short time I knew him I could tell we connected on our fundamental beliefs and views of the way a life should be lived. He passed away in one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and I expect that his spirit will only strengthen the aura of this mystic space. Rest in peace Allen, you will be missed and remembered!

Allen Satcher 1983-2011

Allen doin what he loved!

Commemorative Sticker for Allen

Allen amongst a perfect summer evening in the Sierra's

--Upper Cherry Creek--

Cherry Lake @ sunset (p. Nick Murphy)

Upper Cherry Creek is one of the most sought after multi day runs in all of kayaking. The scenery and quality of kayaking here are incredible and a must do for the experience and well the experience. Absolutely beautiful and with a 11 mile hike in, it's gonna make you work for it. With that being said make sure you are ready and up to the task of traveling through this gorge as it is a technical and dangerous river. Enjoy the photos!!!

Put In (p. Nick Murphy)

West Coast Gorilla- Fired it blind! (p. Nick Murphy)

Myself on Cherry Bomb Falls (p. Jay Lynn)

Cherry Bomb POV (p. Nick Murphy)

Allen Spearing on Cherry Bomb Falls (p. Nick Murphy)

Tea Cups (p. Nick Murphy)

Allen Satcher on the Tea Cups (p. Nick Murphy)

Tea Cups (p. Nick Murphy)

Tea Cups (p. Nick Murphy)

Allen Spearing on Perfect 20 (p. Nick Murphy)

Seth Swallen on Double Pot Hole (p. Nick Murphy)

Life Style (p.Nick Murphy)

Louis Geltman- Waterfall Alley (p. Nick Murphy)

Jay Gifford- Waterfall Alley (p. Nick Murphy)

Lane Jacobs- Kiwi in a Pocket (p. Nick Murphy)

Todd Wells seal launches Dead Bear (p. Nick Murphy)

Upper Cherry landscape- the West Cherry drainage is coming in just around the ridge line on the right (p. Nick Murphy)

Stay safe out there and enjoy rivers!

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