Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mexico 2013

In the beginning of November I traveled to the notorious whitewater town of Tlapacoyan in Veracruz Mexico. I found an amazing accommodation at Aventurec and will definitely be returning for future missions.  I knew the area had high water and figured I would be able to get a variety of water levels. The water stayed high for the duration of my trip and did not allow me to tackle some of the stouter drops I had my eye on. 

Bloodied by a swinging GoPro! Pretty much the last time I wore one!
Hucking San Pedro in flood! Pic by Seth Ashworth
The area was beautiful with quality bassalt canyons running through lush rain forest.  The waters ran brown and high and I constantly heard stories of normal lines buried beneath an extra six feet of water. I enjoyed the cultural experience and have taken many mental notes and am ready to return and crush. Luxury logistics and hucking to be had in the Alsaseca drainage!

Jake Greenbaum is a pretty good kayaker! 
Jakub Nemec on San Pedro
Mike Peacher through the tree on San Pedro
I love the Nomad 8.5 in the creek! I can maneuver this boat so well in the steeps!
It is way better to be friends with the police than enemy! They were stoked to watch the Gringo's huck!
Greenbaum heading for a hole. Typical filled in high water line. 
Yours truly sending!
Routed this drop blind on the Upper Jalacingo and was reminded of the first time I ran Wet Willy on the Raven Fork! Super steep and then it just kicks you out at the bottom!
Greenbaum taking it down the gut! This actually ended up in a super scary swim where  Jake experienced some serious downtime!
A view from the bus!
Phillip looking at a much higher than usual San Pedro! The lip filled up and added at least 10 feet to the drop - Pretty Wild!
Damn! Life as a Myan must have been Crazy!
We had plenty of water!
Two thumbs up for the Alsaseca drainage! I will be back!