Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back to Cali!

As the summer season of 2013 rolls in I have embarked on a journey back to Cali!  This makes 5 seasons in a row now that I have traveled to the blessed arena of whitewater beasts- California. I am very stoked to be back in my second home and making returns to the the amazing whitewater that only exists in this great state.  The Sierras have seen a very low snowpack this year and the water will be done sooner than ever.  However, the classic High Sierra runs must still go. Short and sweet is the mission and we have been doing a good job of making the best of it.

I am accompanied this year by Jake Greenbaum riding around with me in the van.  Jake is super fired up and is in my mind one of the strongest paddlers on the scene.  I am very stoked to have him riding with me as our styles mesh well and the collective fire on big rapids lessens ones own anxiety and leads to fun days going big!

We have met up with many great paddlers and friends and have been having a blast on and off the river.  One of our first stops of the trip was the infamous Three Rivers, where we always seem to go big on the Gnar and at the Bar!  The Kaweah River system is stuffed with smooth granite and steep miles.  We had daily sessions on the Hospital Rock section, and a huckfest on East Kaweah as well as the Chuck Kern Slide. After many days of Kaweah goodness we made our way north and grabbed a run on the Siver Fork of the South Fork of the American.  I was able to visit this run back in 2010 with Will Pruett and Dustin Marquart but our group was forced to hike off the run due to high water.  I was super stoked to get back in there and finish the run as well as firing the beast of the Silverfork- Bruised Balls Falls.

Chris McTaggart gets a nice intro to Cali granite on the Toxaway Slide of East Kaweah 
Mike Peacher sends it on Tripple Drop on East Kaweah
Chris doing the same!!!
Myself droppin into Sky Hook on East Kaweah
Myself in the bottom of Skyhook
Myself stylin in Driftwood on East Kaweah
Getn my crack on- Fire to da Sauce
Dylan Thompson rolln into Chuck Kerns drop!
Seedn Dem Roots
Myself on Chuck Kerns 
Chucks Slide from Wills POV
Kyle Hull zippn into Chucks
Jake Greenbaum  being shot from multiple angles
Jake Greenbaum in the bottom of Chucks
Dylan Thompson says casually- I 'm gonna swim this one boys- and then he did!
Jake Greenbaum firing a sweet rapid in the section below Chucks
Jake Greenbaum fires Buised Balls Falls on the Siverfork
Myself getting to run a beast that I have been wanting for along time- Bruised Balls Falls

 Jah Bless the Truth Tour 2013- Stay tuned for an epic update on our Tripple Crown of Fantasy Falls!

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