Thursday, May 17, 2012

Feelin Fresh!

2012 did not deliver the heavy rains or snow that I anticipated and wanted but never the less I was able to find water this spring.  Living in Chattanooga this spring slowed me down and allowed me to really think about what I want out of my kayaking and where I would like to go with it.  The answer I found was that I need to be truthful to myself, and the truth is, I want to kayak more than I want anything.  Thus, I surrender to the flow and expect to find nothing less than the truth over every horizon line. 

Myself in Chattanooga (p. Bett Adams)

Robert Bone stylin one of my favorite creeks- Raven Fork (p. Nick Murphy)

Firen up Big Boy

Myself on Jones Creek near Chattanooga (p. Daniel Rucker)

I have now moved out of my house and into this beautiful van! Thats right- I am a Nomad!
I'm back in the great state of California and chargen harder than ever.  Hoping to raise the bar this season stay tuned as I'm fired up and ready to stock the blog with all kinds of goodies!

Thanks for all the support- Much Love
Myself and Chattanooga- searching to focus...

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