Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm in Colorado

Colorado is awesome. The scenery and hospitality are more than I could ask for. The rivers are continuous, fast, and cold. I have a great opportunity with work on my aunt and uncles horse farm and board at their pool house. It was a long drive out here which resulted in me driving straight to Lawson Hole on Clear Creek. I have been blessed and paddled 9 out of the 10 days I have been here. All is good and I am ready for more. My runs are as follows:

1-Lawson Hole (Awesome)
2-Lower Boulder Creek (solo)
3&4-South Saint Vrain (Super Continuous After work Mankfest) (AKA- The SSV)
5-South Saint Vrain (High Water- First Swim- I put up a good fight but lost to the hole)
6-A Day of Rest ( still worked at the farm)
7-Source to the Upper Eagle and Homestake (AKA- Home slice- including piece of s**t)(gnarly)
8-Clear Creek of the Arkansas (2 Runs - Cold)
9-Big Cimaron (long shuttle- lots of wood)
10-Oh Be Joyful (AKA- OBJ, big beautiful bedrock)

Beginning of the narrows on the SSVSSV SSV Canyon Homestake
Me at piece of s**t

Clear Creek Valley

The source of the Big CimaronTeva Mountain Games and Bouldering World CupPretty CoolView from OBJ camp groundTom hitting the boof on the 18 footerMe going Oregon Style on the 25 footerAvalancheOBJ (Snow on the ground)
Here are some photos from Tennessee that keep me company so far from home

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